CYNEXTender is a product of “CYNEX MARKETING & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS”, helps both (BUYER’s & SELLER’s) to be linked with each other. CYNEXTender enables and helps the “developers, contractors, sub-contractors suppliers & any registered business” in united arab emirates to Post & Share an RFQ (Request For Quotation) or Inquiry for a certain product or service with other suppliers & contractors (Sellers) in order to get their quotations & proposal.
Note: Posing Your Inquiry / RFQ With CYNEXTender Is Totally Free of Charge & Without Any Commission From Any Party
We built this Service in complementary to our marketing strategy & management in Multi-Business sectors. Our capable team working hard to serve you as we aim to increase the opportunity of the Buyer(s) & Seller(s) to know each other. As a step of equalizing the opportunity of Small, Medium & Large scale SELLER (Suppliers) of exploring the daily posted Project Supplies Inquiries, we launched CYNEXTender to be with your Growing Up Journey.
As a Seller (i:e: Supplier / Contractors), you can explore the Verified & Trusted daily posted (Inquiries, RFQ, RFP or ITT) from the best & popular Buyer(s) whom in your business field then choose your appropriate Project/Inquiry in order send your quotation / proposal to the Buyer directly.
With our strong relationships & our wide range of Business’s networks, CYNEXTender shares it’s experienced and gathered Projects Information as a step to get your chance reach-out regularly all daily posted Inquiries (RFQ’s, RFP’s, ITT) &  regardless the money-value of them.
Our Mission: 
  • Enables all suppliers / Contractors / Sellers to reach out more clients & projects .
  • Equalize the Sellers chances of getting the offered project.
  • Simplify, cost-cut & time saving of procurement process.
CYNEXTenderis your Best Choice to Place Your Inquiry & Find Your Right Partner.

Our Services

  • Support the BUYER’S by post & share their projects supplies Inquiries & RFQ’s with many capable Contractors, Subcontractors, Integrators & Suppliers in order to give them quote.

  • Provide the (SUPPLIER’s) with a full  data of the coming up, new & on-going projects in UAE which registered with CYNEX TENDER.

  • Provide the (SUPPLIER’s) with a full information & key-persons data of the registered BUYER’s (Inquiry Issuer).

  • Help a start-up business’s to expand its marketplaces relationships.

Why To Publish At CYNEXTender ?

  • Mitigate & decrease procurement & supply chain effort.
  • Save your time, effort & money.
  • Easy to generate a comparision prices sheet.
  • Direct negotiation with the selected supplier/Tenderer/ Bidder.

Some of Our Clients